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hi folks

well done to everyone who played in the 2107 GM

I hope you liked the format and we hope to improve it next year based on the excellent feedback and suggestions made

Well done to the following players who were top of their sections

Section 1 Gilly Clench & David Birt

Section 2 Colin Thomas & Lavinia Thomas

Section 3  Glyn Meredith & Jo Copping

Section 4  Mal Jones & David Berry

There were some really close results in each section 🙂

Lets make the event even more well attended next year

well done everyone who took part





Premier League

Well done to all the teams who took part in the Premier league over the two weekends and many thanks to the organisers and director.

If anyone has any hands they would like to mention please do so

My partner (Mark Roderick) found an excellent bid on the following hand which led to the best slam of 6N by west


after 1D-1H-1S-2C(4th suit, game forcing)-3D-3N Mark reasoned that I should have a decent hand and a club stop and bid 6N. This is making on any lead but 6D is -1 on a heart lead when played by East.

Congratulations to Richard Plackett, Paul Lamford, Paul Denning & Adrian Thomas on an excellent win

El Presidente!



Nice piece of play

It is nice to see impossible contracts come home but you have to be awake to take advantage of defensive slips


EW get to 3N which is understandable but it has no hope on club leads but south erred and led the Kc then three rounds of diamonds to let declarer get to 8 tricks. Declarer cashed the Ad and now North is in trouble as he has to find a discard. He discarded a club and then declarer found the master play of the Tc which south wins but North (who has to discard a spade) is done as the Ac will squeeze him in the majors. Well played Marc Bompis.



Bidding sequence


Congratulations to Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield on their winning performance at the North Wales Swiss pairs on Sunday

We had an interesting bidding sequence against the winners early in the day for which we had no clear agreement, perhaps you might like to consider this with your partner.

Partner opens 1N (weak in our case) and it proceeds



what should this double be showing?

all the best

El Presidente!






if you haven tried online bridge then you are missing a treat.

Easy to install on you PC, laptop or phone/notebook device.

Get to play bridge at any time (even on boring train journeys).

Practice with your partner at anytime in practice rooms or in the many tournaments.

Many Welsh players play on BBO and there are opportunities to play with and learn from them.

Most of the worlds top experts play online bridge as it gives them the opportunity to play with and against the  best players.

There are lots of online sites but BBO is free and has decent software .

Watch this space for more news on online bridge.

el presidente

(N is here on BBO)

PS I have no financial interests in BBO and am in no way linked to them