BridgePal/BridgeScore evaluation by John Basford Lisvane BC

Hi all

I am a long-serving Scorer at Lisvane Bridge Club, Cardiff.

Over the years we have used several different Scoring software packages the more recent being Scorebridge/Bridgemates and BOS/Pairscorer/Bridgetab with 7 inch Tablets.

Recently we changed to Bridgescore/Bridgepal which can be used with 4 inch mobile phones and/or 7 inch tablets.

In my opinion this is the best scoring software available and has the additional advantage that it is free – no licences etc.

Our evaluation takes no account of the fact that it is free – the assessment is based purely on performance.

It is exceptionally well designed and thus very easy to use.

It has one very useful feature and that is the ability to create Custom Movements – those that you club uses week in week out. Movement entry thus becomes a one-click operation – no need to put in variables like number of boards, number of rounds, number and timing of arrow switches. This means that the possibility of making mistakes at this stage is virtually eliminated.

One other excellent feature is the ease of restarting. Again this is a one-click operation – none of the hassle of having to reset Bridgetabs etc.

We would urge you to have a good look at this software – I am sure that you will not regret it.

You can download the software from the following site:


I have no vested interest in connection with this software.

John Basford

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  1. This is an excellent scoring system. The screens can also be personalised with the Welsh Bridge Union Logo and the Club name if required. Produces results web pages with the Bridge Solver “Play it again” facility and uploads for the WBU database and Ecats for Sim Pairs.

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