Scoring with Android Tablets.

Electronic scoring has been available for Bridge for over ten years now.
It has always needed specialist equipment on the Bridge table and connected to the computer and this has tended to be expensive.
Two out of the three systems that I have tried are listed below.

BridgeTab by Jannersten


Bridgetab does not need any specialist equipment; it uses Android tablets to connect to the computer. Any Android device is suitable and are priced from as low as £35. A five table fully configured setup with support is £650.
The advantage goes far beyond cost.

    • The screens are large and in colour and therefore so much easier to read. The dedicated devices are small and monochrome.
    • They use intuitive touch screen technology which so many people are already used to and there is very little training needed in their use.
    • Support and supply in Wales by Keith Butler.

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This is the Freeware Wireless Scoring software provided by
John and Mirna Goacher.

  • From the writers of BridgeSolver and BridgeScore comes this excellent program for scoring using Android tablets or Android phones.
  • Tried and tested with excellent documentation, a Forum and friendly support and with no license or purchase costs; a six table setup can be put in place for around £250. Or use your existing tablets or Android phones and incur no costs!
  • Export files to Bridgewebs, WBU, EBU, & more, Import Name & movement files.
  • Fully personalised for the Welsh Bridge Union and with a built in scoring program for Pairs or Teams this is the system in use at Rhayader, Llandrindod and Cardigan in Wales, plus many Clubs in the UK and with more in the pipeline.
  • Support and supply of hardware in Wales by Red Kite Bridge.

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Alternative Android systems include:-

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