Nice piece of play

It is nice to see impossible contracts come home but you have to be awake to take advantage of defensive slips


EW get to 3N which is understandable but it has no hope on club leads but south erred and led the Kc then three rounds of diamonds to let declarer get to 8 tricks. Declarer cashed the Ad and now North is in trouble as he has to find a discard. He discarded a club and then declarer found the master play of the Tc which south wins but North (who has to discard a spade) is done as the Ac will squeeze him in the majors. Well played Marc Bompis.



Bidding sequence


Congratulations to Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield on their winning performance at the North Wales Swiss pairs on Sunday

We had an interesting bidding sequence against the winners early in the day for which we had no clear agreement, perhaps you might like to consider this with your partner.

Partner opens 1N (weak in our case) and it proceeds



what should this double be showing?

all the best

El Presidente!